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Ninja Saga Token Hack

This Ninja Saga Hack release was delayed due to our big downtime we experienced recently. The downtime lasted for roughly around 34 hours. If support didn’t promised that it will be fixed in 6 hours, we would have moved to a new host provider right away. All of our staffs are glad the website came back and they looked forward to this program release. Our Ninja Saga trainer is much easier to use compared to the video guides of using Cheat Engine. Our trainer only uses hotkeys or if you prefer you can just click to enable the hacks. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ease for getting free Ninja Saga token hack.

For those that are not familiar with the game, here is a small introduction to it. Ninja Saga is a Social Networking Site video game developed by Emagist Entertainment for Facebook. Ninja Saga, while being an online video game, is geared for casual players. The game was inspired by the Naturo anime, and a lot of facets of Ninja Saga will be familiar for Naruto fans. I don’t think anyone would argue with me that this is a Naturo rip! All the names and ninjutsu are the same!

Let’s get straight to the release. We understand you want to cheat Ninja Saga. Below you can watch our video showing you how to use our cheat for Ninja Saga (2012). To download the software, click the download button below the video.

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Download Ninja Saga Hack
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Ninja Saga Hack Features

  • Automatic Level Up Hack – Activate the hack by using the hotkey F1. This will allow you to level up 1 level every  3 seconds until you hit the max level. Instant level is possible, but it is detected by the game. Your character will be deleted instantly if you level instantly to the max level. The delay we added is safe and undetected!
  • Unlimited Gold Hack – When enabled, the hack will keep your gold at max. If you purchase an item, the gold will remain the same (maxed) until you disable the hack by pressing F2.

Ninja Saga Hack

  • Unlimited Token Hack - This hack is similar to the gold hack, instead it is for tokens.
  • God Mode – No trainer will be complete without God Mode. This hack will keep your health at max and it will never go down from damage.
  • Max CP – Works the same way as God Mode. It will keep you CP max, so you will always be able to cast  ninjutsu.
  • Add 250 Talent Point – Every time you press the hotkey F6,  250 talent points will be added to your character. This is the max amount you can add at once without triggering the anti-cheat system.
  • Learn Amterasu – This is a very popular hack in the Ninja Saga community. It allows you to add one of the best skill to your character.

Ninja Saga Token Hack

  • Upgrade account – Ninja Emblem – Will upgrade your account with a Ninja Emblem for free! You could use your free tokens to get the Ninja Emblem. This is a more simple option.

Ninja Saga is a fun game for sure especially when you have a hacking advantage. It is also about the knowledge of the game mechanics.


When battling in Ninja Saga, you can choose from three unique types of attacks.

Ninjutsu attacks consist of a variety of ninja attacks that assume the damage of a particular element, including Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Lightning. Each individual element has unique advantages and disadvantages that couple with what element they are, for example Fire Ninjutsu attacks deal the most damage but you need to wait a long time in between using them.

Taijutsu are attack that deal normal damage, but also injure the player whenever used. Because of this self-inflicted damage, most Taijutsu attacks will be very effective at killing your opponent, however you have to be careful that you do not injure yourself too much!

Genjutsu attacks are similar to a magic attacks in other games. The Genjutsu user can stun, sleep, and debuff enemies, and are generally considered to be support, team based attacks. Using these abilities by yourself is not as effective as having friends to help.

With our Ninja Saga Hack, you can learn all these unique types of hack.


Each player has five different attribute types that they can increase over time. The five types are wind, fire, earth, water, and thunder. Wind increases your chance to dodge and gives you agility. Fire increases your damage output, while thunder increases your critical strike chance and damage. Earth gives you additional health points and reflects some damage back at the enemy. Water increases your CP and allows you a chance at curing all status ailments at the start of each turn. An incoming feature for a Ninja Saga Token hack will allow you to use all 5 attributes.


In Ninja Saga, completing various objectives will earn achievement points. By looking at a player’s achievement points you can get an idea for how long they have been playing. Achievements include general achievements, which are basic tasks that can be completed either in or out of the game. Battle achievements are only attainable via combat, while skill achievements require you to master a set amount of skills to attain. There are even some secret achievements that require very specialized circumstances to complete! Achievement hack will be added soon for all you perfectionist.


Talents are skills become available as you progress in Ninja Saga. There exist two versions of talents, the Extreme Talents and the Secrete Talents. These talents have “talent trees” similar to what most video games including World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Rift all have. Talents are purchased with gold earned from killing enemies, or tokens purchased with real world money.

Extreme Talents consist of four starting paths that branch outwards: Eye of Mirror, Eight Extremities, Dark Eye, and Deadly Performance. Secret Talents have five branching paths: Demon Sound, Explosive Lava, Hidden Silhouette, Enraged Forest, and Ice Crystal. All of these paths have unique and rewarding benefits to choosing them, so there is a ton of personalization in late game Ninja Saga. Don’t wait for these talents, just unlock them using our hack to hack Ninja Saga.

Our Ninja Saga hack does not require any knowledge of Cheat Engine. It is surprisingly easy to use. Don’t forgot the trainer comes Ninja Saga token hack, which will allow you to build the ultimate character! Stay tuned, we will be releasing more Facebook games related hacks.

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  1. John says:

    Thanks, I used the talent points hack to unlock everything for my character!

  2. Matthew says:

    So happy I don’t have to pay for a Ninja Emblem.

  3. tim says:

    Works well – I recommend using firefox though.

  4. Bryan says:

    Using it as I type this message. I got my character to the max level and I got all the secrets skills!

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