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DDtank Coins Hack – Aimbot Trainer AIO

DDtank Coins Hack Trainer v3.0 with Aimbot is finally ready for public release! Our coders having been working hard on this one. We know most of our community is busy playing Diablo 3, so we were unsure if anyone would bother to play DDtank anymore. If you haven’t got your copy of Diablo 3, check out  our Diablo 3 CD Key generator found here.

For anyone that hasn’t played the game, it is pretty much a Gunbound clone with a twist. In short, DDtank includes a set of constant items you can use. Like Gunbound, you can choose enough items to fill up 3 large slots. Most of our coders were previous Gunbound players, so they knew exactly what hacks our community needs to  dominate DDtank. The obvious one being an aimbot. We have also include many other features into the DDtank hack that can be useful. If you want to know more about the game, please continue read after the features to learn more about DDtank.

DDtank hack
The game is quite enjoyable, but it is unfair for players without real money to afford features like VIP. You might also be a player that don’t have enough time to get enough voucher and medals from completing tasks and goals. It might even be worse if you can’t aim and hit your opponent accurately before they kill you. All these problems are solved with our DDtank hack.

If you haven’t seen the screenshots of the trainer, you might be wondering what features are included to hack DDtank. Let’s talk about how to use the trainer properly and the features included.

hack DDtank
Status: Working
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Features – General

  • No level requirement (F1) - We know a lot of new players want to enter the firing range to practice before playing with other new players. This was a highly requested feature from our beta testers. You can enable this hack using F1. When enabled, you will be able to enter the auction house, firing range, boatyard, etc at any level even at level 1.
  • 0 Cost Auction & Shop (F2) - Everything in the auction and shop will be for free. This is a very powerful exploit we found in the game. You can also “dupe” in the auction shop using this method since the player selling the item will receive the selling amount.
  • Unlimited Coin (F3) - Your coins will be maxed out and frozen until you disable this feature. It is your personal DDtank coin hack!
  • Unlimited Voucher & Medal (F4) - Your vouchers and medal will be maxed out and frozen until you disable this feature similiar to the DDtank coin hack above.
  • Auto-complete Goals  & Taks - This feature will save you a lot of thing. All available Goals and Tasks will be completed when you activate this hack. The only downside to this hack is that you have to redeem all the rewards by yourself.

Features – In-game Hack

  • Perfect Aimbot (F5) - With this aimbot, you will  never miss again. When you activate the aimbot, it will calculate the amount of power you need for your shots. A marker will be drawn based on your angle to your player of your choice. You select the player by targeting him with left click. A market will show up on your power bar when it is your turn. If you ever used a Gunbound aimbot, it is the exact same thing.
  • God Mode (F6) - With God Mode enabled, you will never die no matter how many hits you take from your enemies.
  • No Delay on Turns (F7) - All your moves will cause 0 delay, which means it will always be your turn until your allies or opponents have 0 delay too. If you are playing 1v1, then it will always be your turn after their first move.
  • Unlimited Teleport (F8) - With this feature enabled, you will always have a teleport available for use. Unless they have our aimbot, they will never hit you!
  • DDtank VIP unlock (Lifetime) - This will unlock VIP for your account for life! VIP will never expire.

Instructions for DDtank Hack Trainer v3

  1. First, you must log onto DDtank before you open the trainer.
  2. After the trainer have loaded completely, select your Internet Browser. If you want you can use Auto-Detect.
  3. Once the status says the browser is detected, you may begin to use any of the hacks. You can enable the hacks by checking them off or using the  labeled hotkeys.

DDtank coin hack


DDTank is a two-dimensional “worms” style video game developed by Shenzen 7Road technology and currently being run by ChangYou. From the second during the mid 1990′s when the Worm video game was first released, the turn based artillery shooting style of game became an instant classic. Players who have played games such as Gunbound in the past will find DDTank very familiar, although DDTank has many features that older games have not explored.

How to play

During battle, you use both the arrow keys and the space bar to perform all necessary actions. Occasionally you will be tasked with using the mouse to click a quest prompt, but the game is very basic. Choose your weapon, angle your shot, and fire with the desired amount of power in order to hit your target! With our aimbot that is part of our DDtank hack, you will never miss!


DDTank is different from Gunbound and older titles because of the sheer diversity it features in its game play. The levels are incredibly varied, and the terrain is randomly, yet intelligently placed. Terrain consists of beams, hills, bridges, sand dunes, trees, and tons of other cool obstacles. It is also much easier to hack DDtank since it is browser based with no firewall like Xtrap or Gameguard.

The weaponry in DDTank is also extremely diverse. Choose from weapons including machine guns, rifles, throwing stars, and even fruit! You can also use boosters to power up your attacks, and can even perform certain combination moves that reward your skill!

Look and feel

DDTank features rich, warm animations and appropriate visual effects throughout combat. The avatars in the game are drawn in a “chibi” style, similar to Maple Story artwork, that retains a certain amount of charm. You easily obtain items to wear with coins, medals, and vouchers with our DDtank coin hack . The animations are cozy and dramatic, and each individual attack has a full compliment of special effects including shrapnel, light patterns, destroyed ground, and so on.

Progression in DDTank

In order to progress your character in the game, you will need to visit one of many different buildings outside of the Game House. The armory allows you to bolster your offensive and defensive capabilities by offering a variety of different weapons and armor that you can purchase. The general shop allows you to purchase odds and ends including accessories and stylized, fashion forward clothing. The Wedding Chapel lets you get married to somebody in the game, granting both of you benefits and bonuses. The Hall of Fame displays important members of the game, the Auction House allows you to auction off your belongings or hunt for a bargain, and the League building is the center for the competitive play in DDTank.

About the title

The name “DDTank” is an homage to the military machine titled Duplex Drive Tank, used during World War II. These tanks were capable of both ground travel and water travel by utilizing a series of inflatable that surrounded the diameter of the tank, in addition to an installed propeller. The DD tanks were just one of a lot of very specialized assault vehicles that the Allies brainstormed during the planned campaign in Europe during World War II. We hope you can enjoy DDtank to the fullest with our DDtank hack.

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  1. Hikari says:

    I use to be a gunbound player as well. This hack will be very helpful!

  2. thomas says:

    I’m in the leaderboard now with this hack. Everybody is asking how I level so fast :D

  3. Alexis says:

    Thanks for the ddtank hack – it is working great!

  4. Ryan says:

    Great program you have. It was easy to use. I was able to hack ddtank within minutes after detecting the browser.

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