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DDtank Coins Hack – Aimbot Trainer AIO

DDtank Coins Hack Trainer v3.0 with Aimbot is finally ready for public release! Our coders having been working hard on this one. We know most of our community is busy playing Diablo 3, so we were unsure if anyone would bother to play DDtank anymore. If you haven’t got your copy of Diablo 3, check out [...]

Ninja Saga Token Hack

This Ninja Saga Hack release was delayed due to our big downtime we experienced recently. The downtime lasted for roughly around 34 hours. If support didn’t promised that it will be fixed in 6 hours, we would have moved to a new host provider right away. All of our staffs are glad the website came [...]

Battle Pirates Hack for Facebook

Battle Pirates Hack, one of the first programs created by our community users. Normally we keep our programs created by our community in the private forums, but since it was requested heavily by other users to release it publicly, we decided to do exactly that. This Battle Pirates Hack trainer is the safest trainer you [...]

Sims Social Hack

Man, when was the last time we released a hack trainer? It seems our community is more interested in generators than trainers! Normally generators take more work than trainers, but this Sims Social hack was a complete different story. This is the most advanced Sims Social hack on the Internet to date and it will [...]

League of Legends – Free Riot Points Generator | IP Hack

League of Legends, one of the first DOTA clones, have finally been hacked. LoL keeps much of their data on the server.  We’re releasing the first League of Legends Generator!  The generator creates League of Legends Prepaid Cards code. There are a few tricks you can perform by modifying the client to get free Riot [...]

Hero of Newerth Maphack Plus Trainer

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) handles most of the game data server side. It is impossible for a maphack to read the units from memory. A maphack is still possible for packet readers, and that is exactly what I use. Our maphack is more of an Hero Indicator which pings all enemy’s location every 1 second. [...]

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