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Free Steam Games Hack

Steam Adder, one of the first few programs released by HackingEdge on Youtube. Today we are releasing an updated version, Steam Games Adder Hack v3, along with proper instructions. Steam Adder is still working properly, but it is recommended you update to this HQ version for anti-detection reasons. We have also fixed any bugs we found in Steam Adder. Steam Games Adder Hack v3 has been tested by our private community for at least one year and has continued to work for getting free Steam games.

Free Steam Games Adder Hack

Here is what we changed in our new Steam Games Hack:

  • Added new security and anti-detection measures – highly secure now.
  • Program will automatically retrieve the a full updated list of all Steam games through our private servers. If for some reason the list does not contain the game you would like to add to your account, you can enter the full name of the game into the text-box below.
  • Added more status details for user to see, so you would know what went wrong if it fails.
  • Added automatic update feature – most of our first few programs didn’t have such feature. It must it easier for both the users and us when we push out an update.

Free Steam Games Adder Hack
For those unfamiliar with our Steam Adder, let me explain to you what our Steam Games Hack does. I will show you how to get free steam games. Basically, the hack allows you to add any game title on Steam to your account. This is different from cracked steam or modified version of steam. The game title(s) added to your account will allow for multiplayer and online game play. It is as you brought the game title, but for free.

Free Steam Games Adder Hack
Download Free Steam Games Hack
Last Updated and Working on:

Below are the proper instructions for using our Steam Games Hack to get free steam games.

Instructions for getting free steam games:

  1. Before you attempt to add any sort of game to your Steam account, make sure you have Steam installed. You can install Steam Games on their official page, located here.
  2. Once you have the program downloaded, go through our authorization guide.
  3. After you have login, you will see the program seen in the screenshot above. The first step is select the game you would like to add to your Steam account for free. If the game isn’t listed (rarely), then you would need to enter the full game now into the box below. You need to enter it properly as it is case sensitive. For example, if you want to add Counter Strike Source for free into your Steam account, you must enter “Counter-Strike: Source” as so. Once again, it is rare that the game does not show up in the list. Some users prefer to enter the game title instead of searching through the list, which is another reason we added this feature.
  4. Another option is you can add all Steam games available to your Steam account. Yes, it is a steam hack for all games. Choose “add all steam games” in the drop down selection and you’re set. It is not recommended to choose this option. For one, it will take a while and two it is risky.
  5. After selecting your game, enter your full username, also known as, your account name, into to text box.
  6. Click “Send” and wait for the status messages until you get the successful message. Enjoy your free steam games provided by Hacking Edge.

Free Games on Steam

Steam is one of the leading companies that sell online games. Online games are very popular and there are many companies that sell them. It takes more than having good online games for a company to have a competitive edge over other providers. Steampowered.com offers more than good quality online games. They have other services that make people want to purchase online games from them as opposed to other suppliers. These services include great discount offers, after sale services, game merchandise such as branded t-shirts and masks among other things.

Steam is popular as a provider for online games because of the wide variety of games they have to offer. Their collection has over 1100 games. These games are available for purchase or they can be downloaded from their website. These games can be played on computers that meet the system requirements such as a 512MB RAM, 1GB HD space, a broadband internet connection, minimum 1 GHz processor and an operating system such as windows 7, xp or vista. There is no requirement for our Steam Hack for all games. Steampowered.com also adds more games to their collection constantly providing more choices to their customers.

Steam also has what they call the Steam community. It is made up of players who are interested in all kinds of Mac and PC games. The steam community makes it possible for players to find their friends online and organize themselves into groups. Players are also able to join chats through the steam community and they may even host tournaments and matches. The best thing about the steam community is that it is free. Steam games are now also free with our Steam Games Hack. Once a player joins the stem community they are able to find opponents as well as other friends who are also part of the community. They are also able to make connections to groups with people having similar interests. Players can also participate in tournaments, matches and chats. What you’re waiting for? Start playing all Steam games for free just an add (packet) away!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks was able to add all the Steam games I wanted to my account. I tested it online and it worked perfectly as if I brought the game.

  2. Dean says:

    I love the security features you added to your programs, it keeps the users safe. I added a few games to my account to stay under the rader :)

  3. Bill says:

    Works like a charm :)

  4. Jack says:

    Finally a way to get Steam games free, Thanks lazyhack :D

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