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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CD Key Generator

We’re pretty excited to bring our community this new release. There are many more new releases to come to make up for our downtime. Our coders and volunteers from the community have been working hard to create new and exciting releases! We know a lot of old and new video gamers are waiting for the release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO. The most amazing feature of the game so far has to be the cross-platform ability. Now PC, MAC OS X, XBOX, and PS3 will be able to play together. There could be some problems such as one platform having an advantage over the other. An obvious example would be an aimbot. Counter Strike is famous for hackers. If you want to play the early CS:GO beta, this is the program for you. Our CD keys will allow you to play CS:GO beta and redeem the full version of Counter Strike: GO on the release date (21 August 2012). This will allow you to play on Steam as well!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Serial
At Hacking Edge, we developed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CD Key Generator, also known as a keygen, for all platforms mentioned above. It is very simple to use. You just need to select the platform you want to play CS:GO on and hit generate. A working CD Key will be generated for you to be redeemed. All free CS:GO cd keys are checked to an online blacklist. You can generate more than one CD key like our other generators.

Counter Strike Global Offensive CD Key Generator
Status: Working
Download Counter Strike Global Offensive CD Key Generator
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Like most of our generators, the instructions will be the same for usage. The CS:GO generators uses the latest generating algorithm for creating working and redeemable CD keys for your Steam, Xbox Live, PSN accounts.

Instructions for using CS:GO Keygen

  1. Download the program by clicking the download button and extract it.
  2. Select the platform of your choice to play Counter Strike: GO on. You have a choice of PC & MAC OS X, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. You will be able to generate multiple keys on each platform of your choice.
  3. If you wish to save the CD key to a text file on your desktop, select the option now (above the Generate button).
  4. Hit Generate to generate a new and redeemable Counter Strike GO CD Key.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for more CS:GO serials.

How to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Continuing the hit series, Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment are planning to release the latest incarnation of this game in the summer of 2012, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. As always, the game will be a first person shooter set in a semi-futuristic world, facing off against other players or doing missions against the computer. The game will be released simultaneously for a variety of systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Players will be able to play against each other over the Internet and the Counter Strike franchise is probably one of the most well-known and the oldest player versus player first person shooters out there. For this reason, it is highly anticipated. Get an early start with Beta using our CD key generator. The key generated with our generator will also add the full retail version to your account!

Different maps and styles of gameplay

Counter Strike Global Offensive will feature a variety of different maps with different missions. To start, players must pick a side: either the terrorists or the counter terrorists. The aim of most games is to eliminate the other side, but there are many twists in the objectives for each game so it makes the player versus player aspect fully objective and strategy based.

Demolition games — In this type of game, the terrorists are supposed to plant a bomb at a certain location on the map, while the counter terrorists have to defend that location. If the terrorists team still manages to plant the bomb, the counter terrorists can still save the day by defusing it.

Hostage rescue — In this game, the terrorists become the defenders and are holding a hostage, while the counter terrorists need to breakin, kill off the terrorists and free the hostage. Be careful with crossfire!

Arsenal — This is a completely new mode that has been used in previous Counter Strike games as a mod map. Since it was very popular, the developers of the mod were asked to join up with Valve and work on an official version of the map for the final Counter Strike Global Offensive game. The aim of this map is not just a simple “kill ‘em all”, but you basically begin with only a pistol. As you take out enemy players, you are rewarded with new guns. Each time you use a new gun to take out a player, the next gun will be given to you. When you get to the final weapon — the knife — you must use this to take out one player and then win the game. Thus, the game is a race to see who has the skill to get all the weapons the fastest. You will be able to generate working free Counter-Strike serials to redeem of any of the gaming platforms.

Gameplay and speed

Counter Strike Global Offensive will continue the long-standing tradition of CS games where the games and short, fast and furious. Players have one life and once everyone is eliminated, the game ends. Alternatively, the game can end when the objectives are met. Get working serials and start playing CS:GO online for free with our key generator!

As you slay enemy players, you gain cash. If you accidentally kill someone on your team, you lose cash. The money you gain can be used in between games to upgrade your weapons and buy extra equipment that you carry on between battles. Click the download button above  sponsored by our website to download our official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CD Key Generator.

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