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Status Icons: Is it working?

All files have been updated and checked for if working on:

We have added a new system on our website that will check if the program is still working and still up to date. This new notification updates every 30 minutes to match our cache update for our website. You can be sure you are downloading a working version.

The notification uses an automatic check every 30 minutes to check if the program is indeed working. In short, it does this by checking if the platform received an update. For example, for Warcraft 3 Maphack, it will check if Warcraft 3 have been updated.

Not only is there an automatic check, there is a manual check which is performed every 6 hours by our moderators to see if the program is working as intended.

In the rest of the page, we will explain what each of the color of status icons means:

Working Status – The program is working and undetected. Undetected means you are safe from things just as banning or tracking when using our software. It has been checked by one of our moderators in the past 6 hours and checked by our automatic system in the last 30 minutes.

Updating Status – The program is temporarily offline. It could be that we are updating the program.

Not Working Status – The program is not working. It could be we are unable to fix it in the last 24 hours. It also could be possible we are no longer updating it.

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