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What does GG mean?

Discussion about term, GG

My gaming experience

I have been playing online games ever since I had my first computer. Below are just a list of some of my games I have played:

  • Counter Strike (1.6 and source)
  • Diablo 2 (This game doesn’t fall into this discussion.)
  • Starcraft 1 & 2
  • Warcraft 3
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Sony Infantry (completely different game now, it was amazing during beta)

As a longer time gamer, the term “GG” is encountered often. GG is short for “Good Game.”It mostly used at the end of a game, but I have seen it used in the beginning of a game. If a player says GG in the beginning of the game, he is hoping for a good game basically. When it is said at the end of the game, it is basically saying well-played, you did a good job which created a “Good Game.” Nowadays, people aren’t using it exactly as intended.

Starcraft 2 GG

How is the term, GG, being used now?

GG is supposed to be a term to show your manners. For example, when someone helps you, you would say thank you. There are times that people are adding sarcasm to thank you. An example would be someone gets you in trouble in school, you would say: “thanks a lot.” Obviously, you weren’t thanking that person. The same thing is happening to the term, GG.

Here is my point of view of it:

  1. GG should be said after every game, win or loss.
  2. GG shouldn’t be said if you were owned, rolled, raped, etc. badly. If you were seriously outplayed by the other player(s), is it really GG? I will discuss more of this later on.
  3. GG is a term for showing your manners. You should wish your opponent(s) good luck or GL in the beginning of a game, then say GG at the end of the gaming. This is used highly in tournaments or ranked matches.

It seems people are now using it to make fun of others. This goes back to the point number 2. If the opponent knows they clearly outplayed you, then GG close to the end of the game that is an insult. What do you think? People nowadays are countering with BG or bad game. Most people know when it is a GG. A GG to me  means the game was fair and balanced. At the same time, there are be points of being outplayed and times of out playing your opponent (making it balance). As a hacking community, you’re probably asking how does this relate?

Can you say GG if you use hacks?

This is completely unethical. As mentioned earlier, GG is used when you feel the game was well-played and there was no crazy advantage. With any sort of hacks, you have a great advantage over a player. Hacks like maphack can really change the field. You don’t have to sacrifice resources to scout or explore the map. You also don’t have to waste your APM trying to do this task.

Now people who actually say GG, when you use hacks are making themselves feel better. It is the same as saying GG in a game that wasn’t fair. For example, a game in League of Legends, a DOTA clone, there was a feeder or newbie/noob that kept feeding kills to the other team. Is that really GG? Yet they say GG at the end, when they know they had an advantage of kills.

What do you guys think about the term, GG? How do you feel about it?

Leave your comments below.

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2 Responses

  1. shen says:

    I am too in the boat with the author, coming across GG sometime early when starcraft was first issued. I’ve always said GG at the end of my games intentionally. Why? Cause its always a good game. No matter if i got raped, owned, or I owned, raped, hand in hand its a learning experience that I go thru. Remember the days in Warcraft 3, DOTA, starcraft being in game chat, everyone joining in and chatting away, and close to game begin, that feeling you get? Its the feeling of good game. You hope for a game where you can have fun, learn new things, do crazy shit, see crazy shit, get pissed off, on and on and on. In the end, i say good game cause i always got replay to learn from my opponents, that came in handy 1v1′s in warcraft 3 ALOT. really made me up my game. My two cents, mad no one else commented!

  2. PepePanPółtorak says:

    Well, i write GG rarely, since i started to play CoD MW3 on multiplayer, and usually whole opponent team play with FMG9 Akimbo.

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