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Regarding recent downtime and donation

It’s been a rough month for our users and staff. Our hosting provider were getting DDoSed by a malicious group. The datacenter were unable to handle such attacks, so all the IP addresses including ours were nulled. The hosting provider moved everybody to a new datacenter, which said they had enough resources to handle such attacks. Obviously they didn’t and we were nulled again.

We finally arrived at the present. The hosting provider decided to split the servers in 2 new data center. These two datacenter are probably the best and if they can’t handle the attacks, nothing will. Hopefully, everything will remain stable.

What have we learned?

  • Keep our backups updated daily. There is many hosting providers on the Internet, but only a few will meet our requirements. If we have a backup, we can simply sign up with a new hosting provider and restore from a backup. There is 2 problems here with the latter statement. For our needs, a server with our requirements will take 12 hours+ to set up depending on the size of the hosting company. The server we purchased recently to host us temporarily took more than 1 day to set up. We knew the server will take long to set up, so the first thing we did was restore an old backup on a shared hosting account we had lying around. To our surprise, the shared hosting account was able to handle our traffic. We weren’t that surprised since we use so much caching technology on our website. So we were on our shared hosting account for a day or two. When the temporary server was ready, we restored an old back on it right away. Then a few days later, our previous hosting provider told us the move has been completed and we can access our database again. We moved everything back. After the move, we had to sign up for a backup service which will check daily for changes in your website’s files and database and make a copy of it. With this service, we can never really go down. Now that it is possible to run our website on sharing hosting, we can just take the newest backup and restore it like nothing as happen. Obviously it will take a 1-3 hours to restore the backup depending on the availability of the staff members.
  • We run fine on shared hosting. This is good to know as it will help us save on our hosting fees, but the problem is shared hosting connection speed is not dedicated. Users might load very slow since the connection is shared. With a dedicated server, we have a powerful connection shared with only a few on the switch. With shared hosting, the page loads in 6 seconds. With our current hosting, the page loads in 3.71 seconds. You might say why not save the money for the extra 2 seconds. We could, but the user experience will go down. Instead, we will be using shared hosting for backup servers in the future. On a side note, shared hosting is not completely safe. It is easier to be hacked when you are on shared hosting.
  • Never believe what anyone tells about when they will be done with a certain task. Our hosting provider told us the first time that everything will be fixed in 4 hours. It ended up taking 1 day and 10 hours. We could have ordered a new server to restore an old backup. We had a very old backup though, so we didn’t really want to take this option. Since we knew we couldn’t rely on our hosting provider to restore our server the second time, we quickly try to get a new server and restore our old backup. We had a more recent backup the second time, but we wished it was more recent. The new temporary server we ordered told us it will be done in an hour, but it took another day.

That is about it. All this cost us a lot of money. Don’t worry, we will not be adding any sort of advertisement on our website. It will come out of our own pocket. We will continue to provide hack programs and code generators free of charge. As long as we have our community that enjoys our release and continue to use our programs, we will be fine. Don’t forget to share our website with friends and family!

The downtime has caused delay for our emails and program releases. Loader v2.2 will be released soon to fix some small bugs.

We will try our best to get through our emails for support. Be sure to check the FAQs before contacting us!

Donation (Update!)

We’re so glad our community kept asking us through Facebook, Twitter, and email regarding how they can donate to help with the recent cost for bringing the website back! Normally, we just to fund our website and servers out of our own pocket as this website is our hobby.

For a limited time, we will be reducing the amount of donation to receive VIP membership for free. Normally VIP membership will cost $170 for 1 month of access. We are now only asking for $90. We understand some of you will rather pay for access instead of completing surveys and the authorization process. The donation amount is not expensive since you get access to all our hack trainers and code generators such as PSN code generator, Xbox live code generator, and Minecraft gift code generator. Depending on what you wish to do with our software, it is only a fraction of potential of our programs.

Update: We understand some of you just want access to one program. Based on community feedback, you can just donate for access to one of our program. Instead of paying $75, a donation of $60 (77% off) will grant you VIP membership for one of our many programs.

If you wish to donate please press the donate button above or visit the form and instructions found here.

We are not accepting Paypal donations due to the many horror stories they have regarding donations such as Wikileaks.

This is limited time offer to join a private VIP community dedicated in providing the best game related hacks. Once we run out of resources to afford VIP membership, we will close the door and might only afford VIP membership at $170 only. The VIP community also have limited capacity due to server resources requirements. Once the slots are filled up we don’t open VIP to the public until we have a large amount of slots available.

We would like to thank everybody for their future donations.

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  1. Haseeb says:

    Thanks for your hard work. It must be hard to keep server up 24 hours!

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