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Quick Update & Upcoming Releases

About HackingEdge.com

It’s been a while since we posted status about our website. We try to be more of a ninja with these kinds of things. We don’t want people stealing our ideas or even worse copying it, which we have found people doing. There has been a lot of leaking and copying happening to our website. We are addressing all of them. We try to maintain our quality and protect our users by trying to remove those copied content.

For almost a month, our website have been receiving only one-fifth of previous traffic of 5,000+ unique visitors a day. What does this mean? For one, it means we’re not generating as much revenue. Revenue is used to pay off the dedicated servers and hosting servers used. As you know, all of our programs are hosted on a dedicated server. This serves as an anti-detection method for most online gaming and protecting our programs from being cracked or reverse engineered. Our current authorization system database holds about 22,000 users and still growing. Of course, not all of those users are active, but it is still a large amount of data. Of those 22,000 users, there are about 8,000 active users using our hack trainers, generators, etc.

How does Authorization System work?

If you ever used subscription based VIP hacks, you will find it quite similar to ours. Whenever you login, you will download a part of the program onto your computer. This part is normally a shell GUI that sends commands to our main dedicated server which all the commands are processed. Once it is processed, it will send the data back to your GUI saying it is successful. Let’s look at an example. We know you guys love pictures, here is one:

Authorization System
The picture pretty much explains the whole system. Every time when you login, you sent your information to the server to verify your status as Authorized user. Depending on the program you want to use and downloaded, the main server will send part of the program data (normally the GUI) to your computer. A constant connection is then maintained with the server, so that the programs function properly off the main server.

What will we do about the traffic lost?

We did some research on the traffic lost. It seems it is tied to Google Panda 2.2. Google Panda targets low quality and scrapper sites, which doesn’t make sense for a site like ours. Since we lost a lot of long-term keyword traffic, we believe Google is not seeing us as an Authority anymore. We did further research on how to recover and attempted to change many times. We removed the slider we normally have on top. We took a wild guess it could be this intensive loading slider. It also allowed us to have more information above the fold.

In order to improve information above the fold, we changed our theme. In the previous theme, we had a large header and navigation options. This one is simpler and have expanding options for navigation.

We also changed our titles and descriptions for all of our posts. We thought it seems low quality. We removed “spammy” keywords from titles and descriptions. We also tried not to use words more than once.

We redid the links on the side, so it makes more sense to our users. We wanted to create a more user-friendly website. We also fixed up the linking widgets and search terms widgets on the sidebar to make it appear less “spammy” and low quality.

So far, we haven’t seen any recovery in traffic, but we have higher user conversion and less bounce rate compared to previous data. Hopefully, we’re on our way to recover.

Will we shutdown?

Hopefully, we can see some recovery in the next Panda update., so no we wouldn’t shut down. It could be Google Panda 2.3 or 3.0. We will continue working hard to serve the community. We are attempting to have at least 1 program release every week. We’re also attempting to have useful articles related to game hacking posted every 2 weeks. We want to become the authority of our niche again.

HackingEdge Staff

Upcoming Releases

We’re quite excited about the changes were making to our site. We’re making process in terms of removing people copying us. In order to celebrate, we’re pushing out a new system for our generators. It will be called v3 or version 3.

Here are some features you can expect from our v3 generators:

  • Ability to generate more than one code at once.
  • Function to save outputs as a text file or generate straight to a text file.
  • Select all available amounts for the cards. Most of our v2 generators can generate all of the amounts already. There were some that can only generate a specific amount.
  • Improve GUI “to make it more pretty”
  • And many more!

We will start updating our popular generators to version 3 and work from there. The next release will be related to Aeries Games then we will start pushing out the v3 updates! Stay tuned!

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