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Loader v3.0 & Fix Patch Installer 1.0 Released!

We apologize for not making an official post about the new update. We were focused on the back-end of the system because there was a new bug that affected most of our users.

Some of our users were confused because there was no post on the new version. We want to apologize once again.

We know this update post might be a little late since the release of Loader v3.0 and Fix Patch Installer 1.0 already happened. This update was to improve confusion  and reduce the amount of questions we get when using the Loader and applying the Fix Patch.

Loader v3.0

  • Added a Server (service) and IP status check. You will now know if our servers are fully functioning to prevent confusion between errors related to your computer or the program running.
  • Added Security Key to protect unauthorized access. This will allow us to limit access to non-VIP users after a certain period or whenever there is a leak. This will mean programs will remain undetected and safe. Because of the fact that the Security Key can be after a certain period or whenever there is a leak, you will need to obtain the Security Key whenever it is changed again.
  • You will know when the Security Key has changed when the one you used before no longer works.
  • Fixed known bugs and errors.

Fix Patch Installer 1.0

  • Created an installer for our fix patch to guide our users. It will provide download links for you. After every part you download, you have an option to check status of your files.

Our goal is reduce the amount of confusion with our system. Please let us know if any bugs occurred. In order to download the new version, please visit the post corresponding to the program you want to use and download it again by clicking on the download button.

HackingEdge Staff

Loader v3.0 & Fix Patch Installer 1.0 Released!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

Mac Windows Compatible

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2 Responses

  1. William says:

    I have tried to use the fix patch installer but even after downloading all the fix patches the installer still says file not found on all of them, and I did not bypass any survey, Why is this?

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Did you put the files in the same folder as the Installer? Did you run as admin?

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