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Loader v2.1 – Update Released!

After listening to the feedback from our community, we have updated our Loader code. This update hopefully will help cut down the amount of emails we get regarding error message or any other programs. Let’s take a look what we updated.

Error Messages

Error messages use to be very generic – giving you a list of possible solutions. Most users will have incomplete steps and believe they have completed everything.

We have made it easier with File Detection. The latest addition of this code will allow the Loader to search for files in the same folder as the Loader. The Loader will tell you right away what files you are missing and give you the proper links to obtain these files.

We also added a new message regarding people who attempted to bypass our surveys in order to get passwords or files. If you have been labeled or flagged as a “Cheater,” it means you have attempted to cheat the system by not doing the surveys. Along this system was in place a long time ago, you will now be getting an error message. Once again, if you completed the surveys and offers you don’t need to worry about this. If you want to remove this label, you must complete the links you attempt to cheat and bypass.

This is only fair to other users that spend their time to complete the process to obtain access to our system and files.

Code Protection

We should have protected our source code since the beginning. We haven’t faced any program with leaving it unprotected as the actual program is stored on our server and not in the Loader.

The code protection made our Loader increase in size by at least 2.5 times. Code protection also helps with our anti detection. It is another step to keep our users and their account safe.

Future Integration for VIP Licensing

We admit the old VIP licensing system isn’t that advance. The program size increase was actually due to 2 reasons. The code protection which works together with the new VIP Licensing system┬áseamlessly. Licensing will be based on a unique license file instead of HWID.

We are slowly pushing out the Loader update to all our files starting with the popular ones first.

Update: All files have been updated. You must download the new files from the program post to update.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Hacking Edge Staff

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Loader v2.1 - Update Released!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

Mac Windows Compatible

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5 Responses

  1. Momo says:

    How do I get the loader?

    I have version 2, I dont know how to update it.

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Use the download button in the post of the program you like to use.

  2. Shen says:

    Also updates to generic fix patch? im asking, if you updated those files, so we need the new ones to use with this new loader (as it says in my error as #2)

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Everything has been updated accordingly to match the compatibility for Loader v2.1.

  3. Abel says:

    The new version is great, much more stable!

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