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Instructions for using our new v3 generators

Hey guys, we have finished implementing our v3 or version 3 codes into our generator. We promised this release after we reached 6,000 fans on Facebook. We needed first to add the processes to our authorization system. It will take time to update all of our previous generators to the new versions. Our plans are to push out new generators first then update the rest. We do have plans to update our trainers as well.

Let’s talk about the new features in v3 generators:

  1. Generators now have the ability to generate an unlimited amount at once. Although it is unlimited, it is actually limited by your computer resources, such as RAM and CPU. It takes a few seconds to generate one code and could take up to 1 minute when checking the code on our blacklist. If you were to generate 100 codes at once, the program might not respond properly. It recommended you only generate up to 10 codes at once.
  2. There is now a feature to save the generated codes to a text file. It will create a .txt called generated.txt in the location of your Loader program. This was an idea one of our staff recommended since people now have the ability to generate more than 1 code.
  3. We added a status bar now. It is because it makes more sense now. Since our generator has more than one function, it makes sense to show users what is the program doing at the moment. It will also tell you if there is any error generating the code or checking the code on a blacklist.
  4. All generators will now come with individual icons instead of that computer default icon you guys are used to. The main reason was that some anti-virus are detecting our generators or trainers s viruses. We bypass the detection by using different icons from now on. Our files are 100% clean. Anti-viruses love to tag generators as viruses, especially serial/cd key generators. The other reason is it helps the program look better with a matching icon.

Let’s take our first generator using the v3 code, eBay Gift Card Generator, as an example for our instructions. Below is a screenshot of the program to allow you to follow the instructions better:

eBay Gift Card Generator


  1. Download the program you would like to use by clicking the download button provided.
  2. Extract the files then follow the ReadMe.txt for instructions. After you have followed the guide, go to the next step.
  3. After logging in, the generator will appear. You must input a value from 1 to infinite in the text box below “Input # of codes to generate below:” As mentioned earlier, we recommend 10 being the maximum.
  4. Check off “Save to file?” if you would like the codes saved to generated.txt.
  5. Click “Generate” to generate the codes, then wait for a green check mark telling you they are working codes.
  6. Copy the codes and redeem them on the relevant website.
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