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Incoming Changes & Updates

Serious issues

Before we continue with our post, we would like to address serious problem that has been going on. We have been constantly trying to fight against people stealing our content and distributing it through their own blog(s). Most of the time, these people will upload fake or broken files of our programs and some even attach their own viruses to our files. These users that download from another website will then come back to the main site and complain about how the program is not working or how their computer has been compromised by a trojan horse.

You can say it is not our problem, but it is our problem. These users end up using our contact form to ask for help and eventually they find out they downloaded the wrong files! They waste our staff’s time replying to their emails. Instead, the staff could have used the time to help someone with the proper files downloaded from our main site, Hacking Edge. Our files are updated weekly if not daily to ensure they are working every day. You can find more about the status system here.

We will begin to fix these problems by having a more visible watermark on our images. We don’t want to ruin the user experience by having such watermark, but it has to be done. New watermarks will be added to our video as well. We will continue sending out DMCA takedowns to copyright infringers. We made it hard to copy and paste our content, which has already been implemented. All changes will happen over time.

New Update – Loader v2.2

We will be adding a new system that will detect if you have downloaded the original files. This will reduce the amount of emails we get. It will allow us to better help those in need of assistance.

We are still working on a new license system for all our users. There is a bug in Loader v2.1 that loads the license system by accident. Not many users experience it, but it will be fixed in Loader v2.2.

We will also be improving the error messages to better assist you with errors.

New Programs

It has been roughly a month since our last release. We would like to apologize for this. As you may know our host are having hardware problems. We are spending most of our time monitoring our servers to ensure your programs are working properly. We will be releasing more programs soon along with new articles about game hacks!

Suggestions and Changes

Our team is always willing to improve the site for our community. Don’t be afraid to send our suggestions about the website or even programs you want us to code. We will be happy to reply!

Don’t forget, Diablo 3 is released on May 15. Our generator will be able to generate working CD keys for you to use on your Battle.net account. Find out more about Diablo 3 CD key generator here.

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  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I enjoy using your programs :)

  2. Mike says:

    Can’t wait for the new Loader!

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