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Loader v3.0 & Fix Patch Installer 1.0 Released!

We apologize for not making an official post about the new update. We were focused on the back-end of the system because there was a new bug that affected most of our users. Some of our users were confused because there was no post on the new version. We want to apologize once again. We know this [...]

Loader v2.2 & Required Files

Loader v2.2 Update Loader v2.2 will be released officially in 24-48 hours. It will take some time for the staff to add the new files and download links. We will post an official update on Twitter when the files are ready. We will also update this post. Please note if you are have Loader v2.1, [...]

Incoming Changes & Updates

Serious issues Before we continue with our post, we would like to address serious problem that has been going on. We have been constantly trying to fight against people stealing our content and distributing it through their own blog(s). Most of the time, these people will upload fake or broken files of our programs and [...]

Regarding recent downtime and donation

It’s been a rough month for our users and staff. Our hosting provider were getting DDoSed by a malicious group. The datacenter were unable to handle such attacks, so all the IP addresses including ours were nulled. The hosting provider moved everybody to a new datacenter, which said they had enough resources to handle such [...]

Loader v2.1 – Update Released!

After listening to the feedback from our community, we have updated our Loader code. This update hopefully will help cut down the amount of emails we get regarding error message or any other programs. Let’s take a look what we updated. Error Messages Error messages use to be very generic – giving you a list [...]

Anti-Detection – Keeping our users safe

Before we continue with today’s post, all the staff at Hacking Edge would like to wish everybody Happy Holidays. We hoped everybody enjoyed their Christmas yesterday. The New Year (2012) is right around the corner. We would like to thank everybody for their support. We will continue to grow for our users! How do we keep [...]

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