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Runescape Gold Generator

Another popular request is being released today. For all your Runescape fans, the Runescape Gold Generator is here. This is the safest generator that will not require any of  your account information such as your Bank PIN or your password. The program will only ask for your username (or it wouldn’t know who to give the gold to!). Safety is the number one priority for our community. Check out the safety features we added by reading on or checking the screenshots included.

Runescape Gold Generator
We have been working hard to create this program and it is finally ready to be released! With this Runescape gold generator you will be able to add an unlimited amount of RSGP to your Runescape bank. There is a limit on how much you can add at once due to the way the value of the gold is stored in the game memory. This gold-exploit hack is completely new and will not be patched by Jagex. The most important point is that your account is completely safe from bans. The game and moderators will think the gold was collected yourself.

runescape money hack
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Download Runescape Gold Generator
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Instructions for using Runescape Gold Generator

This is a very simple generator to add gold to our bank. It will only take a few steps before you can have all the Runescape gold you want.

  1. Enter your username of your Runescape account into Runescape gold generator program. No password or bank pin is needed!
  2. Enter the amount of gold you want to add to your bank or you can use “Randomize Gold” option. “Randomize Gold” is safety option that will generate a random gold amount to add to your Bank account. This makes it less obvious if one of Jagex moderators were to check your account. The amount the program will pick will be between 2 million and the max amount of gold it can add at once (2,147,483,647 gold).
  3. Select the safety feature you want to enable. It is recommended to use hide IP address and change MAC address. Delay add is an optional feature.  With Delay add enabled, gold will not be instantly added to your account. It will take 3-7 days (random) for all the gold you want to be added to your Bank.
  4. Wait for the status update and enjoy your free Runescape gold from the generator! If you need to read the instructions again, you can also click “Instructions” in the program and the same instructions above will show up.

free runescape gold
Getting RuneScape gold is not as hard as you might think, it just requires a little time and dedication, like any other activity in the game.  Time and dedication can be saved with a Runescape money hack. While some people can go through the life of a character always strapped for cash and unable to pay their expenses, others constantly seem to have tons of gold at their disposal. This short article will give you some basic tips and tricks on how to get your income going by killing monsters, so you’re not one of those people who are always broke and asking people “give 100g pl0x” or “give me free runescape account.”

The gold limit is HUGE in RuneScape. In 32-bit programs, numbers are stored as an integer and the only limit on gold in RuneScape is a ridiculously high 2 billion odd gold. Nobody knows who has the most gold in RuneScape and what that amount is, but it’s so high it’s not a number you need to worry about! At some point, you will get sick of gold so you will think of other things to invest your wealth in. And there’s plenty to do! If you don’t have an account yet, you can make one here.

So how can you get gold in RuneScape without Runescape gold generator?

Keep in mind that the economy of RuneScape is constantly changing. What may be lucrative one week may be a waste of time in another. The people who make the most gold are always the ones with the ability to adapt to whatever is in demand in the market.

Kill and loot— a staple of hack ‘n slash type games since their inception, you can get loads of gold by mass slaying monsters in the game. Just find a good spot where there are plenty of humanoid type creatures and let the killing begin! While some may find this boring, there are certainly a lot of people who really enjoy it and find it relaxing after a stressful day of work. This is also a good chance to practice your timing on skills.

There are some things you will need to keep in mind though if you opt for the killing route for making RuneScape gold. Your character will need to eat food to get his or her health back after you have taken damage, and food costs money. It also costs time to prepare it. A viable option for many players to make gold is to simply kill creatures that drop food (such as the chickens in Lumbridge Farms). You can sell the raw chicken and the bones for gold and keep whatever you need for getting your health back instead of using a Runescape money hack or Runescape gold generator.

Additionally, you will need to learn to cook if you take up this method of making gold. You cannot eat the raw chicken, you will have to learn some recipes and turn it into a delicious chicken meal instead. As you can see, just the simple act of making gold in the game is very realistic and immerse.

Don’t drop that, someone might need it!

Everything that you get from monsters you kill will have some sort of use to someone else. For instance, if you are killing chickens, you will probably get a lot of feathers, which can be used by other players to make fishing lures or fetching  for arrows.

Some players have made up to 100,000 gold coins per hour in RuneScape just by killing chickens and selling all the different parts in the Grand Exchange!

 Diversify for maximum RuneScape profit

If you are getting bored with chickens, find something else. Wolves and bears for instance, provide pelts and furs which will be useful for crafters that need leather or fur, in addition to the meat you will get from these animals.

When the monsters are getting too easy, you are not making enough RuneScape gold.

Monsters will become less lucrative as you level up, so you will constantly need to be on the move and find new targets that are more appropriate for your level and provide more returns per hour.

The best way for a high-level player to make tons of gold per hour (but you’ll need to find a friend until you are level 75) is to mass slay cockroach soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Safety. They drop ridiculously valuable items such as rune equipment, death runes and different types of ore. An additional tip here is that there are usually a bunch of players who are usually power fishing in this area. This means you can just pay them for some salmon and trout if you are running low on health and food. Alternatively, you can run back to the Monastery and speak to the Monk, who will heal you.

Only for the hardcore

If you’re brave, then you can also kill Greater demons in the Wilderness Volcano. They drop Rune full helms when they die. While you will get a lot of gold selling these, keep in mind that this area is a player killing area, which means you will probably be attacked relentlessly by other players. But you can also kill them for their gold too, so if this is your thing, then go for it. The main reason someone would Runescpae Gold generator or Runescape money hack to get free gold is to save their time. Most Runescape players are students who have homework to complete daily. Some of the players have full time job and they opt to use their real money to buy Runescape gold.

The ring of wealth

This is a special item that can be created by players (by casting Enchant Level 5 Jewellery on a dragonstone ring) and will allow you to receive much more valuable items when killing monsters as well as doing some quests in the game. To make a ring of wealth you will need the Crafting skill and combine a dragonstone, a gold bar and a ring mold at a furnace.

Not only will the ring provide you with more wealth, but it can also be used to teleport you to a maximum of four places in the game, which you can set to the Grand Exchange. Clearly you can see why this is a must — when you are out in the middle of nowhere with a full inventory you simply teleport back to town and sell everything.

Runescape Gold Generator and Runescape money hack will improve your Runescape game-play experience. You can also max out many skills with a large amount of gold. You can buy all the necessary supplies to achieve your goal, whether it be, logs for Firemaking, fish for Cooking, or strings for Fletching, it can be done. If maxing out your skills, or making real life money doesn’t interest you, you can just show off your Runescape character with expensive items. It is all about free Runescape gold.

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