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ijji Coins Scratch Card Generator

Free G Coins – Generate unlimited codes!

ijji Coins Scratch Card Generator has been released, visit our program section to get the latest version or click the download button below.

What is G Coins? Where to get it?

G Coins is a currency used for all games created by ijji.com. G Coins are used to purchase in-games items such as weapons, armor, grenades, or special power ups. There are also accessories and other great features offered in the Items Shops of ijji’s games, which can only be brought by G Coins. This will give a small advantage to players with G Coins. The G Coins ratio is for every $1, you get 10 G Coins. You don’t have to spend anymore of your hard-earned money with our ijji G Coins Card generator.

Normally, you can get it at any retail stores that sell gift cards. You can also load your account with G Coins balance by purchasing online or even using your mobile phone. A new way is to do surveys and offers for them.

How to generate G Coins?

We enjoy cracking algorithms here at HackingEdge.com. Today we bring you an ijji coins scratch card generator. This program allows you to generate G Coins codes to be redeemed on the website. The codes are generated based on ijji scratch card which can be purchased.

The free G Coins redeemed can be at any of the following values: G Coin 300, G Coin 500, or G Coin 1000. We weren’t able to pinpoint the exact value of the code due to the small byte. It doesn’t really matter though as you can generate an unlimited amount of codes. We will be working on detecting the actual value of the ijji card in the next version (v3 or version 3). Stay tuned.

Also please try only to redeem no more than 3 cards per day, to protect yourself from being banned.

Free G Coins - ijji Coins Scratch Card Generator
Status: Working

Download ijji Coins Scratch Card Generator
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Instructions to get Free G Coins:

There wouldn’t be many instructions for a generator, but here I go. First click generate and wait for a code to appear. You must make sure there is a check mark next to the generated text box. If there is no check box that means you should generate a new code as the code generated didn’t pass the algorithm check.

In the next version, we will be adding a blacklist feature where it will detect based on data from ijji servers if the card is unused.

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