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Guild Wars 2 Serial Code Generator

What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. It is the sequel to the incredibly popular and successful, Guild Wars. Guild Wars was released in 2005, with expansion content in 2006, and 2007 as: Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. Guild Wars 2 will have no monthly subscription costs, so it will not cost anything to play once you have the game installed and running!

Guild Wars 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the much-appraised Guild Wars, one of the top 10 selling PC video games of all time. It has been 5 years since the launch of the Guild Wars expansion, Eye of the North, and people are very excited for Guild Wars 2 to finally launch this month.

That is why we are excited to announce that after much hard work, and dedication we are releasing our Guild Wars 2 Serial Code Generator. What this program does is provide you a unique serial code for the upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2. With the serial code, when entered into the client of Guild Wars 2, it will let you play the game for free. This program is very easy to use, and steps how to use it will be detailed below.

Guild Wars 2 Serial Code Generator
Status: Working
Download Guild Wars Serial Code Generator
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Instructions on how to use the Guild Wars 2 Serial Code Generator:

  1. Click the generate button. This will cause a code to be generated in the text box.
  2. Make sure the marker next to the box has a green checkmark. This tells you that your code is valid, and unique, and has not already been used.
  3. Click the copy button. This will copy the code for you, so that you do not have to highlight, and copy it yourself. If you accidentally copy something else before you enter in the code, you can find the code again in the .txt file that is created when you click copy. This .txt file ensures that your code will not be lost.
  4. Enter your unique serial code when Guild Wars 2 prompts you to on the website.
  5. Have fun with your new game, and don’t forget to share this website with your friends!

Guild Wars 2 CD Key Generator
Changelog for Guild Wars 2 Keygen


  • Final release. All bugs fixed, with code updated.
  • GUI improved for ease of use, again with the “save to .txt file” option.


  • Added a marker to the left of code that ensures it is a unique code.
  • Reported bugs fixed, GUI updated.


  • Initial release.

Gives a unique serial code for the use of activating Guild Wars 2.

Free Guild Wars 2 Serial Codes
Lots of customization

There is a total of 5 races, and 8 classes, each with unique and interesting skills, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a class or race that you like, with so many combinations.Each class gets two special skills meant to help the characters and provide a more unique feel, such as how for example, the Guardian can provide a protective aura for him and his teammates, or like how the ranger can lay down traps against enemies. Dungeons are back in Guild Wars 2 as well, in the form of instanced areas. This means that you won’t have to worry about other players bothering you when trying to farm monsters, or get that rare drop, as only you are a part of that specific map. Another new, welcomed addition to dungeons, is that they now have 2 main separate modes: Story, and exploring.The first time you enter a dungeon, you will automatically have story mode chosen, until the dungeon is cleared. In story mode, you will experience the story of Guild Wars 2, and may fight alongside legendary heroes as well. Exploring mode is basically just like a traditional instanced dungeon – just kill the monsters and bosses.

Dynamic storyline – you decide what happens

One of the most anticipated new features of Guild Wars 2, is the introduction of dynamic events. You will also directly impact the storyline of Guild Wars 2, with its dynamic storyline. This means that the actions you take, can alter the course of the story. This gives players a chance to feel like they actually can change the course of the game, because if farmer joe says bandits are going to attack his farm, bandits are going to attack his farm, with very real consequences. You can choose to help him out, or let him be overrun.It doesn’t just stop there either – if you do help him out, and are successful, you may have another branching, dynamic quest.Eventually, they end with a large battle, that is meant to be incredibly exhilarating and fun. With its dungeons, dynamic events, classes, and huge fanbase, Guild Wars 2 is sure to be a gigantic hit.┬áStart playing GW2 for free using our Guild Wars 2 Serial Code Generator!

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Mac Windows Compatible

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