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Ebay Gift Card Generator v3

Ebay Gift Card Generator v3 will be our first release using our version 3 or v3 generator system. We will be making a post regarding the new features added to our generator system shortly after this post. You can probably figure out before we make that post. With our program, you will be able to generate free ebay gift card codes to be able to redeem on eBay. Before we talk more about the program, we will let to explain what is an eBay gift card and certificate.

eBay Gift Card Generator

eBay Gift Card Generator

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Download Ebay Gift Card Generator
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With our eBay gift card generator, you will be able to generate $25 or $50 in a large amount. This is part of our v3 code. There were many users asking us to provide an option to generate more than one code at once. We have added that feature along with other useful feature, which we will discuss in the next post. You can download the program above by clicking the download button.

From now on, we will not be including instructions with all our program release post. Instead you can find all the information in our next post regarding using v3 generators. We will be linking to that post shortly.

You can find the instructions for using the program here.

An Overview on E-Bay Gift Cards, Certificates

Just like on other online merchants, buyers can find a number of free eBay gift cards and certificates with our generator, which they can use to share the excitement of buying from the merchant.  These cards and certificates can be used as a form of payment for items found on eBay; however, the users must make sure these payments are made where PayPal is accepted as a method of payment.

EBay gift cards and certificates for buyers

These eBay gift certificates and cards are available for all online buyers, including those who are not registered member of eBay. They have the option of using any payment option, as long as it is supported by PayPal, including their balance on their accounts, debit or credit cards as well as a U.S checking account.

Buyers are also able to give these eBay gift certificates code to other members, as long as they have a PayPal account. They also have the option of buying more than one certificate, but they need to complete the first order, before they can place the second one.

When it comes to delivery of the gift certificates, buyers have the option of receiving the card on the day as specified at the time of purchase. They can also opt to have the card sent to them or another recipient at a later date, as long as it’s within 30 days of the purchase of the certificate.

While they are purchasing the printable eBay gift cards and certificates they need to include the email address of the recipient for security reasons, so that the recipients can still use the card even when the code is taken or lost. However, they are still able to find the certificates that do not need email addresses. These free eBay gift card code can be shared with anyone.

They also have a chance to cancel the purchase of the eBay gift certificate even when they have already purchased it.  During the purchase, all they need to do is click cancel on the page for confirming payment. After purchase, the users have up to 60 days to cancel the gift certificate using the History tab on their account in case the email address they typed was not recognized by PayPal. In case it is recognized, but is the wrong address, the users must contact the customer support at PayPal to cancel it

EBay gift certificates for sellers

When they offer these eBay gift cards and certificates, the sellers will have an increased number of bidders and buyers on eBay, leading to more bids on items with high value.

In order to offer these cards and certificates, the sellers need to accept PayPal as a system of payment, and the certificates will be transformed into regular currency when the buyers redeem them, making it difficult for them to know that they were used for making payments on products.

It is possible for the sellers to receive a single payment even when the buyers combine the eBay gift certificates and a different form of PayPal funding, and they will not notice the difference because the cards are converted to regular currency.

Now is your chance to get free eBay gift cards and  eBay gift certificates with our eBay gift card generator.

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9 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    This is amazing! I can get free eBay gift cards to use on eBay or paypal transaction.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks a lot, been looking for a long time for this.

  3. Lisa says:

    It’s telling me must install one of the versions of .NET framework V4.0.30319 contact publisher about obtaining the appropriate version of .NET framework. What now?

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Hey Lisa,

      Please read the FAQs next time. You could have fixed this error yourself if you used Google to find what that error message means. Basically, it telling you that you need to install the latest version of .NET framework. You can find the links in the FAQs, Google, or Microsoft download center. Let us know if you need anymore help, but please look through the FAQs first.

  4. Suzy says:

    Brought a couple of items worth more than $200 each. I can resell these items for profit!

  5. Jacques Benefiel says:

    All the codes I generated were working and added funds to my account with no problem.

  6. Daren Bielefeld says:

    This is a must download. Don’t miss this generator. Another flawless program by the staffs here.

  7. Anurag says:

    Please clear something for me. Would the card codes generated be valid for ebay’s india site.

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Yes it detects region and generates a code based on your region.

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