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Black Ops 2 Keygen

Black Ops 2 – A New Cold War

With an expected release date of November 13th, 2012, Call of Duty:  Black Ops 2 is already generating huge buzz around the web due to some of mouth-watering screen shots that have been released on Activision’s website.  Set in the year 2025, this intent first-person shooter created by Treyarch builds on the success of its predecessor, but incorporates many new features that will be sure to keep Call of Duty addicts gainfully employed and blissfully entertained.  The game is set in what appears to be a futuristic, Cold-War-esque world and features advanced weaponry the likes of which have never been experienced on the Call of Duty platform and promise to make this title a greatest hit among fans of the genre.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is already shattering pre-order records set by Modern Warfare 3, which broke them as well. This is easily the most wanted game of the year, and our fan base definitely reflects that fact. This makes us very excited then, of course, to announce that our next release is for none other than Call of Duty:  Black Ops 2, with our Black Ops 2 Key Generator. Our Black Ops 2 Keygen will allow you to generate a unique, and valid serial key, that you can use to activate, and receive the full game on whatever gaming platform you wish to use, such as Steam, for example. Our generators are always very easy to use, and simple to use, and don’t take more than a few moments of work for your serial key.

The generator also include an option to generate codes for future DLC packages like Nuketown 2025 and other additional maps.

Black Ops 2 Keygen

Status: Working
Download Black Ops 2 Keygen
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The instructions on how to use the generator will be outlined below:

Instructions on how to use the Black Ops 2 Serial Generator:

  1. Download the .zip file to your computer, and unzip the file. This will unlock your access to the generator inside.
  2. There will be a .txt file called readme.txt. Inside is the password and username necessary to login into the generator. Once you have input the correct information, you can enter into the generator and create your key!
  3. Look for the “generate” button. This will be what generates your key for you.
  4. Now look at the left of the text box that holds the key. Right there will be a green checkmark that tells you that your key is unique, and valid. Make sure that the green checkmark is there.
  5. For the next step, you need to press the “copy” button. This is a very handy feature for those who like to do minimal action possible. It automatically highlights and copies the code for you, so that you do not have to highlight and copy it yourself. If you are busy, or need to do something immediately before you enter your code into wherever, you don’t have to worry at all in this case, as we have you covered there.
    Our generators come with a “save to .txt file” option, which when enabled, causes the program to automatically generate a .txt file with the serial key inside,  that is stored upon your computer’s hard drive so that you may come back to it later at a more appropriate time for yourself. The .txt file and the serial key inside will last until you delete it as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting it to it ASAP.
  6. Finally, for the last step, enter in your serial key into the client when necessary. This will then unlock the entire game of Black Ops 2 for free! Also note that steps 3-6 can be repeated  nearly exactly for the Nuketown 2025 DLC as well. Simply enter the DLC name into the box, then follow steps 3-6 again.
  7. Have fun with your new game, and don’t forget to share this website with your friends!

Black Ops 2 Key Generator

Changelog for Black Ops 2 Keygen
Final release.
All bugs fixed, as well as code improvements.
Made final adjustments and improvements to the GUI.
Works with PS3, 360,and PC.
Now also is able to generate DLC codes too.
There is now a checkmark on the side of the text box containing the key that tells you it is a valid key.
Reported bugs fixed.
GUI updated.
Initial release.
This generator gives a unique serial key that is used to unlock the full version of Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Serial Key Generator

The Next Big Thing

Initial rumors of its development and upcoming release began to filter out to the web last year as a few screenshots and preliminary information on the setting of the action was released.  Activision planned for the official revealing to take place during the NBA playoffs earlier this year, but the official Activision website had initial information available several hours prior to this planned release.  When the official preview for Black Ops 2 was released via YouTube, it instantly gained a huge following and even further increased the anticipation for its release.  In fact, sales for preorders are currently over four times higher than they were for the prequel.

Black Ops 2 DLC Code Generator

Diverging stories – Choose Your Own Adventure

With a storyline that brings back memories of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel, the player has a chance to explore multiple paths in the story each with a different outcome.  With a familiar face in the mix, character Alex Mason returns once again in the first of two storylines in the game set in the late 70s-era Cold War as he battles through the familiar Cold War battlegrounds of South America and Afghanistan.  Allegedly, the second branch of the storyline is set in 2025 and focuses on the inevitable showdown between the remaining two world superpowers, the United States and China.  In this scenario these two world giants come to blows over a series of cyber attacks as well as their rivalry as they compete for precious natural resources.

Play Black Ops 2 For Free Download Now

Zombies gets its own full-blown mode!

One huge upgrade promised in Black Ops 2 is a mode known as ‘strike force’ where the player is able to employ advanced machines of war such as UAVs, fighter aircraft, as well as heavily armed mech warriors.  Another major rumor that is causing a lot of buzz around the web is that Black Ops 2 will actually feature a full-blown zombie mode complete with its own unique story line.  With the insane popularity of zombies in our culture, this feature promises to have copies of Black Ops 2 literally flying off of the shelves.  Another hugely anticipated feature of this game is the fact that Nine Inch Nail’s own Trent Reznor composed the theme music.  Initial statements indicate that Black Ops 2 will be sold for the PS3, Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii as well as MS Windows. It is time to join the battlefield. Go and enjoy our Black Ops 2 Keygen that includes a DLC Code Generator!

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