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3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator

Nintendo has been unquestionably, the dominant force in handheld gaming. Not even the likes of the Sony PSP could dent Nintendo’s handheld market. With the advent of the 3DS, it included many new, and amazing features, one of which we have decided to release our next release for: The 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator. 3DS Prepaid Card numbers can be used in the 3DS eShop to purchase various games from the original Gameboy, NES, and a variety of other systems.

For our free 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator, we used, and improved upon the coding we used in our Wii Points generator. Now our codes generate almost instantly,also with it checking against other codes in a database to make sure you always get a legitimate code.

Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card Codes

Status: Working
Download 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator
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Instructions on how to run the 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator:

  1. Open the generator, and run it. This may take a few seconds to initialize the first time.
  2. Click the generate button. This will generate a free and unique code that you can use to redeem on the 3DS eShop.
  3. To the left of the code will be a green checkmark that tells you that the code is unused and unique.
  4. Click the “save to .txt file”box.Make sure there is a white checkmark in the box. This tells you that it is running. This will make it so your code is saved to a .txt file for easy copying and use if you do not plan on using it instantly.

Redeem your code on your 3DS in the eShop, and enjoy!

Changelog for 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator:
Final release of our 3DS Prepaid Card Generator.
Made final changes.
All bugs fixed.
Added “save to .txt file” option.
Squashed bugs.
Changed GUI, to make it more accessible and user-friendly.
Initial release of generator to get free Nintendo 3DS prepaid card codes.

Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator

Play titles from your childhood
Nintendo has always been unquestionably the dominating force behind the handheld market. The 3DS has proven to be no different, by outselling the DS’s first year sales by over 30%. With much improved graphics, and infrastructure over the DSi/DS, it will remain to be seen if the 3DS can also become the insanely high selling handheld that the 3DS, or better. One of the big features of the 3DS, is the eShop. The eShop is more or less a handheld version of the Wii’s virtual console service, which hosts various titles from previous systems available to buy and download. The list of titles available for purchase can be found here. These are not all it has either. Nintendo of America usually updates the eShop with at least 1-2 games per week, so you should be able to find something you like amongst all the games.
The eShop has now seen some pretty legendary games that have helped made Nintendo the massive giant it is today,here are some examples of games you can use the free 3DS Prepaid Card Code Generator to get:

  1. Legend of Zelda (NES) Drastically changed how games played. With its saving system as well as its sense of adventure/non-linearity, it gave players an incredible experience, and made searching for, and finding the next area all the more exciting.
  2. Metroid (NES) Also another non-linear game that would go onto be a huge series for Nintendo. The ending for a below 2 hour completion caused a bit of surprise amongst who saw it at first.
  3. Link’s Awakening DX (GBC)

Easy to use
Those, along with many more can be purchased, and downloaded straight to your system. For the eShop, unlike the Nintendo Wii, the 3DS does not use its own currency for the purchase of games. Instead, it just gives a normal, standard cash balance. It will tell you how much money you have remaining in your account. This may easier for some people to understand, as they don’t have to remember points values as well as how much they cost. Also, applying the card to your account is very easy. Simply go to your eShop account, and it will have an option to “Add Funds” there, with a prepaid card being a main option.Simply follow the instructions then to add it to your account.

Free 3DS Prepaid Card Code


If you have a Club Nintendo account, you can link it with your 3DS, and when you get a game, you will receive a survey to complete on the main website. Completion of the survey will add CN coins to your account, which can be traded in for various prizes, ranging from redeemable download codes for A Wii or 3DS virtual console game,or to physical products such as t-shirts or other various products. Also, at the end of every June, if an account has accumulated 300/600 coins in the previous year alone, he or she will receive gold/platinum status for that year. These entitle the person to a special reward. The gold users often receive a calendar, however for the 2012 reward, many reward options were given, including download codes for popular games. The platinum reward is usually very limited, and often special, and usually mario-themed.

Can’t wait for a game? Download it!

Nintendo is now offering a digital option, starting with some of its main series titles. What this means, is that they will now be offering certain, full games available in the eShop for download straight to your handheld. The first game to receive this treatment was the game, New Super Mario brothers 2, with others such as Paper Mario that will be available through this method eventually.

If you’re tired of spending money on downloads, use our 3DS Prepaid card code generator, and get your codes for free, and never have to spend another dollar on downloadable games again!

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