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Undetected Garena Multihack Released!

We are releasing our Garena Multihack Advantage to the public today. We have done some research before fulfilling this request. It seems the Garena hack made by cqccyh of d3scene dominates the market. Cqccyh does not believe in free hacks, so he decided to charge $30. What a greedy man :/ During the research, we figured out the offsets used by cqccyh and basically created a Garena hack similar if not the same as his. We added our own features like allowing you to edit your account.

Most of Garena users hate paying for the Gold Membership. Many of those users try to find generators for Garena Prepaid Card. Sadly, a generator of this sort can’t be coded since there are 2 codes on the card. It was requested, but it is impossible. But what is possible, is that you can edit your account through the game client and Garena server.

In Garena Hack Advantage v3.1.1, we have 3 different tabs labeled Account, Hack, and Dota respectively. The hack will update itself if necessary; you don’t have to worry about it being detected or out of date. In the Account tab, you will find the ability to edit your account. You can activate Gold Membership for free. You can unban your account using a free unban card also free. You can also change your name using the name changer for free. For each of these features, you just input the account name, then click “Submit” and you’re done. For the name changer, check it off then input your name, then input your desired name and click submit. It will change your name in real time.

In the Hack and Dota tab, we have added hotkeys to allow you to enable and disable on-the-fly. We thought we would run out of hotkeys because there was so many hack features! You do not need to be host to use any of the following hacks.

Hack Tab:

  • Enable All Icons – Allows you to use all of the icons on Garena
  • No ADs – No advertisement or message box from Garena will appear
  • Show Ping – Allows you to see the actual ping of user instead of bars.
  • Increase EXP Rate – Will increase your EXP rate by x20 when you idle in the lobby.
  • Leave Hack – Allows you to leave a game whenever you want even during it.
  • No Limit Name – Allows you to change your WC3 name to whatever you want.
  • Record View Hack – Allows you view people’s record whenever you want even during games.

Warcraft 3 Dota:

  • Enable Maphack – Reveals the entire map including invisible units.
  • Enable Hero Lines – You will see all hero paths clicked by players
  • Enable Safeclick – This will remove the “click” in reply of units in fog.
  • Rune Notifier – Whenever a rune is spawned, you will be notified on the screen with a message.
  • Enable Custom Kick – You will be able to kick anyone from the game even if you are not host. You do this by typing “/kick username” ingame.
  • Lag Hack – If you want, you can kick a person from the game with lag making it look more real. When you’re ingame type “/drop username”
  • Mute Hack – Allows you to mute any player with “/mute username” command.
  • All Chat (Ultrasound) – Allows you to hear the other team chat messages.
  • Maphack Detector – It will detect all maphackers that don’t use safeclick. When a player is detected, a message will appear.
  • Enable Mana Bars – You will see HP and Mana bars for your units.
  • Enable Auto Dodge – Your unit will attempt to dodge all dodgable spells. Most projectile shots will dodged automatically.

Garena Hack
Garena Trainer
Garena Hack Trainer
Status: Working

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Undetected Garena Multihack Released!, 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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  1. Johnson says:

    So glad I didn’t buy the hack, thanks for releasing a undetected public hack.

  2. James says:

    Thanks works excellent!

  3. rafaelle says:

    nice one,, i hope someday i can do this software. more powers!!!

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