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Where are the download links?

We have a download button with each post, which brings you to the download page. The download button has the phrase, “Sponsored by LazyHack.net.”  You must complete a survey to download the files. You can read the text file included for additional instructions.

The download page will look something like this screenshot here.

I have a file related to iLivid. I clicked the download button from iLivid.

You clicked an advertisement from iLivid and downloaded their software. Please find the correct download button as described above (Sponsored by LazyHack.net) in the question above.

Why is “HackingEdge.com” written all over the screenshots and blurred?

They are call watermarks. Recently, it has been discovered people are uploading our programs and attaching malicious viruses to them. Some people even go as far as stealing our images and using on their own websites. If you download any of our programs from another site, you are probably infected. We recommend you reformat as soon as possible.

Screenshots with codes are blurred to protect our users from being detected. If they found out how the codes were generated, it could be patched.

Does this program, X, still work?

All of our programs work unless we removed the post regarding it as we did with Modern Warfare 2 hacks (We stop updating it since Black Ops came out). Most of our programs come with autoupdate feature. It will always be updated. Recently we have added Status Update icon on each post which will tell you if the program is still working. A Green Icon means it has been checked and is still working.

Why do we need to complete a survey to get access of the downloads?

The download mirror allow us to save bandwidth and at the same time keep our files safe.

Server costs is very high due to the high traffic we get. Also we are not using an US host, so the cost of server is much higher. The revenue earned from the surveys allow us to pay for the both website and authorization servers and continue creating/updating hacking programs for you guys to use.

Alternatively, you can donate $170 $60+ (limited time: reduced by 64%) to receive VIP membership. You can find more information regarding donations here. We are only accepting Liberty Reverse. Full VIP Membership will grant you access to all of our programs and you will have a VIP account without the need of authorization.

I completed the survey, but it doesn’t unlock?

Try clearing all your cookies with CCleaner. Then create a new email address to use with GMail.com and try the survey again using the new email address. Also make sure you’re not using fake information, as the surveys have ways to detect it. Also mobile/cellphones offers are the easiest to complete and goes through all the time.

What is the password to the zipped files? How to open .rar files?

Please refer to the ReadMe.txt included with your download. You need WinRar or 7zip to open .rar files.

If there is no ReadMe.txt file in your zip file, it is possible the staffs forgot to include it. Our files gets updated daily and we do make mistakes. Please notify us through the comment section of program post you’re interested in. We are likely figure out this problem internally and solve it within 24 hours. Please subscribe our website by email by clicking the  subscribe button above and you will be notify when the new files with the ReadMe.txt is uploaded and ready for download.

The password I received from the link does not unlock the zip files, what to do?

The password is changed very often every few days. You might need to download the new files protected with the new password. The password is changed constantly, so if you find it on another website, it is mostly wrong. You are required to complete a survey in order to capture your IP Address which grants you access to our authorization server.

What is Loader.exe? Where is the hack?

Loader.exe is our method of distributing our hack to our users. The Loader will download the hack you want to use in memory and launch it from there. This is one of the reason why our program remains undetected and safe for so long. Hack files are never store on your computer only in memory (RAM) while you use it. The program will clean the RAM after you finished using the hack.

It also acts as a way of authorization due to exclusiveness. We don’t want the game creators coming here to patch all of our hacks. We have also added ways of detecting game companies IP addresses and blocking them out of our authorization system. Security is a priority to us. You are safe when using our hacks.

The Installer/Loader is giving a Critical Error, what should I do?

Make sure you have Net Framework 4.0 and Windows Installer 3.1 installed, if you are receiving errors with no instructions on how to fix them.

Please make sure you have followed the Authorization guide included in your download package. Also follow all instructions given by the program message box.

If you followed the guide completely and it doesn’t remove the error, please download the Required Files and Fix Patch by following the link in the Critical Error message pop up. We can’t link the files here as the Required Files is different for different Operating System.

I have all the required files, but I still get an error message.

Please make sure you have the required files in the same folder as the loader. Also make sure you followed the authorization guide. If you have done all those properly, please refer to our Authorization System Fix Patch, which in the error message.

Can you make a hack for the game, X?

Yes, we can. First, you need to make a request through our contact form. If we find your request popular enough, we will begin to work on it. As always PREMIUM users will be the first one to get access to it.

I have everything done properly, but it is still not working?

Another possible reason why you can’t use our software is the following: you bypassed all the surveys, which means you didn’t actually complete any to obtain the files/passwords. Whenever you complete a survey or purchase a PREMIUM account, your IP address is sent to our Authorization System Server. If you server detects you have the Fix Patch, but you never completed a survey for it – it will deny you of access to our programs. You will be labeled as a Cheater by our system.

This also applies to the passwords that are used to lock our files. Please respect us and support our website. We can barely can host the server and maintain the Authorization System. We have over active 30,000 users in our Authorization System.

Don’t worry, if you bypassed it earlier you still have a chance to redeem yourself by completing the survey even if you have the files and password.

The Loader will download the hack you want to use in memory and launch it from there.

I have the newest version, but it keeps telling me to get the newest version at the HackingEdge.com?

Make sure you have the Fix Patch and Required Files and the error will go away.

When I visit the website I get a 70 seconds timer?

It means the program is not available in your country. You can try using an US proxy in order to access the page.

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