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Starcraft 2 Lossbot & Winbot

This program was requested by Dave, but little did he know we already have this program released for VIP members a while ago. This Winbot/Lossbot works for any version of Starcraft 2 as no memory is edited. It is 100% undetected by Warden regardless of what happens in the future. The Starcraft 2 Lossbot will [...]

hE.Advantage v2.4.5 – World of Warcraft Multihack + Fishing Bot (Anti-Warden)

After much testing from our VIP members, we are now ready to release a public version of hE.Advantage v2.4.5. This is not like any other WoW hacks, you have ever download and used before. Unlike WoWEmuHacker, we have an Anti-Warden system which allows you to use our hacks on Blizzard servers. Once again, this works [...]

Farmville Hack Trainer – Plus Auto-Farming Bot System

Farmville Trainer v1.43has been released! Check the Programs Section for the download link! Our trainer offers, a farming bot system which is similar to the ones seen before on the internet. The farming bot system will manage your farm without you being on the computer. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are sitting in [...]

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