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Nexon NX Cash Card Generator v3

Get free NX codes & Karma Kions!

Today we will be releasing 3 generators which use our redesigned generating algorithm v2 which was used since in our Black Ops Key Generator. You can find the Black Ops Key Generator on the sidebar. The new NX (Nexon) cash code card algorithms will never generate a key more than once – it is 100% unique & genuine. It is also guaranteed to work as the algorithm in each program follows the cards code we obtained through stores. We hope you enjoy your free NX cash, but remember not to abuse the Karma Kions and NX Generator. You can start playing Combat Arms, the way you want it with Combat Arms NX!

Watch the video below for instructions on using our software. Don’t forget to click full screen and HD for the best quality and visibility.

First we start off with Nexon NX Cash Generator v2, now v3. This generator is probably one of our most successful programs which helped us gained popularity. I’m sure v2, now v3, will be no difference against it is updated by the previous coders. There is a reason that Hacking Edge is the number source for free game codes generator. We hoping to expand our reach by mkaing more hack trainers and bots. You don’t have to worry, we wouldn’t forget our roots. We hope to update NX cash generator to v4 after hearing more feedback from our large community. We have already 11,000 Facebook fans and growing! Go ahead and share this treat will all your friends using the Facebook like button above and the Share button below.

Version 3 for this generator has finally been released. You should see how much better it is compared to version 2 (and yes we decided to use the actual Nexon logo).

We gave it a new look and a new way to select which amount you want to generate. It is more user-friendly now. Version 3 is much faster at generating nx cash codes even though you can generate more than one at a time.  You and your friends can enjoy the free Nexon Cash. When you have Nexon Cash to redeem, you can use it for their games only; these games include MapleStory, Maplestory Adventures (Facebook Game), Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, Pop Tag, Vindictus, and their newest game Dragon Nest. We found that most of our users use our NX generator Nexon games such as Maplestory and Combat Arms. These two games are probably the most important offered by Nexon.

You can redeem the codes from NX generator on Nexon website. The NX cash goes into your Nexon account, it doesn’t matter which game you use the free codes on. You can find the images of the NX cash generator below.

Changelog for NX Generator:


NX GeneratorNX Cash Generator
Download NX Cash Card Generator v3 below and get your free NX cash codes:
Status: Working
Download NX Cash Generator
Last Updated and Working on:

  • NX Generator now using our v3 generator code. You can now generate a large amount of NX codes.
  • Updated for Karma Kions!

v2.00 – Released newer version of NX Cash Generator

NX Cash Generator

  • Updated the generating code
  • Added an automatic checking to check for bad or used codes for all NX cash codes generated
  • Added a more user friendly GUI  for NX Cash Generator while keeping a similar compact window size as previous.
  • Implemented the new login system

v1.00 – Public Release on YouTube

  • Simple free nx cash code generator released.
  • This is mainly a testing phase for a large user base.

1. Select the amount whether it be 10,000 NX Cash or 25,000 NX Cash.
2. Hit “Generate” button, and make sure the green check mark shows up.
3. Click “Copy” and then redeem the code on Nexon website.
4. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this website on your social networks!

What is NX Cash? How to get it for free?

Nexon is a Korean based company that was created in 1994 and was the very first company to incorporate virtual cash for MMORPG gaming. The Nexon cash system was also one of the first to include the option to purchase virtual cash such as Combat Arms NX for your game with real money including debit and credit cards.

NX Cash allows users to purchase upgrades for their characters, obtain items that are not available to non-paying customers, and also allow you to personalize your character. Nexon Cash has been split into two categories; NX Credit has some limits and higher prices, and NX Prepay, which gives you unlimited spending ability.  You can use our updated NX generators to create free codes. NX cash is non-transferable, meaning you can’t cash it in for real money, you can only use it for your game to purchase items for your character. In order to purchase Nexon cash, you must have a valid credit or debit card or a Paypal account. We are changing that, but releasing our NX Generator.

Nexon offers many ways to get NX cash for free by completing surveys and offers, much like Facebook games. Some offers require a free trial and credit card, but if you make sure to cancel the free trial on-time you will be getting the Nexon cash for free. We have made it much simpler with our NX generator, check our our release above to learn how to get Karma Kions codes.

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Passwords & Fix Patch Installer Fixed!

If you are having problems with the links to get the password, please redownload the programs. The old links have been removed. The new files provided in the download links now have the new link to obtain the password. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We fixed the problem with detecting files for the Fix Patch Installer v1.0. This fix was sent out as a hotfix through the server. You just need to download the new fix patch files and it will be detected perfectly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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